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Indian Bridal Bags : Brocade Potli Hand bags , Beadwork Potli Handbags and Hand crafted

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Potli bags may have been being used in India from ancient times . They had purposes in Ayurveda ( the the ancient Indian model of medicine ) wherein these were filled with herbal plants to offer massages and so find quote in the ancient Indian scrolls also . Laxman choose them to haul the medical treatment , objects of regular use and weapons of lord Rama when he went on an exile for 14 years . In Mahabharata they were utilised - http://search.usa.gov/search?affiliate=usagov&query=utilised by Pandavas to hide their armaments when they were hiding in the woods . Today's potli hand bags have transformed from the ancient times . They have an appealing look including decoration of embroidery from Kutch in addition to Banaras , Sequins , Decorative mirrors , Beadwork of Bhopal , Stones , Pearls , Diamonds on multiple cloths like silk , velvet , satin etc . They are generally crafted in various areas of India . Potli kind of bags as well as batwas of Bhopal are outstandingly well-known for their innovative designs . The nawabs of Bhopal patronized the beadword as well as zardozi artisans as well as have played out an essential role in keeping this wonderful art alive and kicking . The streets of the old capital of Bhopal hum with the 500-year-old artwork of gota , zari and beadwork with which the Muslim young ladies of the city create all of these creative bags , batwas , jewelry types and men's headgear . The glittering hand-made items have a special flamboyant appeal , the regular attention simply being an inbuilt part of the craftswomen's imagination . The motifs too usually are Islamic art-inspired , an amazing illustration in beadwork or zardosi of arabesques , intertwining flowery and vine motifs and geometric variations . Potli handbags and batwas are an appealing women's accessory for any occasions . There are many vibrant types for marriages and traditional occasions and sober ones for day to day use . Brocade work handbags are exceptionally luminous and colorful . These are generally composed of brocade textile that have golden/silver bead work on it . They typically close with a zip and also have a magnetic link to make them fold in . Bangle shaped handles boost their beauty even more . Awesome evening time fashion accessories , they are generally worn similar to a bangle on the wrist which makes them a fantastic gift for any celebration , from birthdays to weddings . Many bollywood actresses have a passion for these tote bags . Rekha is really fond of her gold colored potli bag that she is often photographed with it multiple situations . Kirron kher , the current MP from Chandigarh has been discovered with them matching with her gorgeous sarees . Nandita das was spotted with a perfectly matching potli handbag , crafted from the equivalent wonderful cloth as her kurta ! If you have not tried out a potli ever , you are passing up on the miracle of India . If you beloved this short article and you would like to obtain much more facts with regards to beaded clutches - https://www.giftpiper.com/browse/potli-bags kindly stop by our own website - http://www.Dailymail.co.uk/home/search.html?sel=site&searchPhrase=website .

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